Sustainability as part of the DNA

Ecological sustainability is in our corporate DNA

Deutsche Familienversicherung has gone paperless in its internal processes, but that’s not all; the company also minimizes issuance of paper documents when communicating with its customers. From our base in Frankfurt, we source green electricity from a regional provider. We believe it is our duty, and a part of our responsibility as a company, to leave a livable world and environment for the generations to come. Based on this conviction, ecological aspects play an important role in our corporate culture.

Ecological and species-appropriate: urban honey from Frankfurt

The rooftop deck at Deutsche Familienversicherung is home to two beehives. Our employees work together with our partners at Imkerei Walkmühle, a local beekeeping operation, to take care of the bees. The location on our rooftop deck means the colonies have an ecological and species-appropriate home. This helps maintain biodiversity and protect a threatened species that is essential to agriculture in Germany.

Life in the big city has a lot of advantages for the bees. There are no monocultures in the city as there are in rural regions, so they have a broad range of different flowers to choose from. The variety of nutrition sources ensures that there is always something available while also boosting the bees’ immune system.

Collecting waste for a clean environment: TobaCycle e.V.

Cigarette butts have a huge negative impact on the environment when they are simply discarded heedlessly on the street. If they are not disposed of properly, toxins wind up in the environment, in some cases even leaching into the groundwater. With that in mind, Deutsche Familienversicherung supports an ambitious, innovative project dedicated to recycling cigarette butts.

Tobacycle is a waste collection system for cigarette butts, recycling them in their entirety, including ashes and toxins. Our employees place their cigarette waste in designated containers, which Tobacycle then recycles into sprayable granulated material – a closed cycle to solve a big environmental problem!